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Training & Behaviour 

I have provided some links to articles/training methods I highly recommend to assist you in your puppy raising journey, and hopefully help you pre-empt undesirable behaviours in your puppy.
Please remember, it is much easier to prevent/correct a behaviour when a puppy is young, rather than break an ingrained habit as your pup matures.

I will be adding to this page.

Please browse through the links below for more info: 

Training:   Teaching A Dog To 'Leave It' 
Behaviour:  How to Read Your Dog’s Body Language - Modern Dog MagazineHow Kids Should and Should Not Interact With Dogs - By Dr Sophia Yin
Stop The 77 - Created by 77% of child reported dog bites are from the family pet, or a dog the child knows.  Help prevent dog bites by educating kids on what is appropriate behaviour around a dog.
Resource Guarding - Talented Animals Blog
Dominant Dogs -

Are There Behaviour Changes After Spay/Neuter? - by Stanley Coren PhD., DSc, FRSC 

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