Glenbern Golden Retri‚Äčevers

Puppy Basics

things to consider before getting a puppy.

Is a puppy right for you or perhaps an older dog would be a better fit?  There may be many reasons why you are considering....


preparing for your puppy - items you will need

Necessities before Puppy comes home.My recomendations & some suggestions
After many years and trials with products, these are some...


puppy health and Considerations

Vaccines, deworming, parasites, diarrhea all the lovely stuff that goes with puppies explained. The appropriate age for spaying and neuturing large breed dogs.


training & behaviour Information

The importance of getting things right with your new puppy cannot be overstated.
From housebreaking to crate training to proper socialization...


critical periods in puppy development

What your puppy is thinking and doing at different developmental stages might explaing the quirky, unreliable, strange  behaviour.


what to expect when puppy comes home

On pick up day remember to bring paper towels, a garbage bag and something to lay across your lap or back seat.  Some golden retriever puppies...


when should i spay or neuter my puppy

Myself like many breeders and some vets. prefer to let large breed dogs mature before taking the sex hormones away