Glenbern Golden Retri​evers


Financial costs of owning a puppy/dog:  The initial cost of purchasing a puppy might be the cheapest part of owning a dog. Puppies/dogs can come with or grow to have some inexpensive issues or some very expensive ones. I highly recommend pet insurance. 

Here is a list of some expenses (prices are approximate):

Puppies initial vet visits and vaccines (3 of them-I provide the first one) $70.00-$100.00 each visit
Stool sample tests for worms/parasites – $80.00 per test
Spaying & Neutering – $300.00 -$800.00
Unexpected Veterinary bills – ? ($12,000.00 to remove a sock that was eaten and didn't pass - life threatening - yes 12,000.00!!)
Puppy Kindergarten class – $150.00
Obedience/Agility classes etc. – $150.00-$200.00
Crates, toys, collars, leash, etc. ..
Pet insurance - $75.00 /month (estimate)
Food - $80.00 - $100.00/month ( average 30/40 lb bag of good quality dog food when adult; growing puppies need more)
Behaviour Specialist (if needed) $500.00
Doggy Day Care $25.00/day
Dog walker – $20.00 per walk
Kennel – $45.00/day
Fencing – required before puppy comes home.
Replacing items that have been destroyed - i.e. the carpet, chair, base boards etc...$$$

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