Glenbern Golden Retrievers

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this page as it answers most commonly asked questions. I am very happy to speak with people by phone if interested in my puppies, but due to time constraints, I've decided to limit calls to those who have filled out my puppy questionnaire and have read the links. 
Breeding goals: My goal is to produce healthy happy puppies that have great temperaments and get a good start at life. All of my breeding dogs are health tested prior to breeding for hips, elbows, heart (by cardiologist) eyes (by opthmologist) and DNA testing specific for the breed. What to look for in a good Breeder.
Do you require a fenced yard?  I do require a securely fenced yard with access to it via a door from the house. The fence does not have to be expensive, but it has to be secure. I don’t consider invisible/electric fencing secure. I will not consider applications if you do not have a securely fenced yard. There are no exceptions. This is for the safety of the puppy. As I believe this breed needs a yard to run and play in I will not place puppies into high rise apartments/condos. Fencing - What is Acceptable

Do you ship puppies? I do not ship my puppies. 

Are your dogs health tested?  All my dogs are checked for hips, elbows (OFA - Xrays), heart (Cardiologist) and eyes (Ophthalmologist), and breed specific DNA testing. Copies of parents health test results are provided. 

Do you have a guarantee?
I warranty my puppies up to 24 months of age against some hip and elbow dysplasia conditions, and some hereditary heart and eye conditions. 

Are your puppies registered?  Yes, all my puppies are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club on a non-breeding agreement. They are sold with a spay/neuter contract, unless you are part of my breeding program. 

What is involved in participating in your breeding program?  Briefly, you purchase the puppy, he/she is your dog. I pay for all breeding related expenses; you pay for any pet related expenses. You must live within one hour from Perth to participate. There is financial compensation for participating in my breeding program.  For more information, please see this link: Breeding Program.

How are your puppies raised?  My puppies are raised in my home. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home, so my time is devoted to them and their needs. 
Please see How I Raise My Puppies page.
YouTube link to a video from a previous litter of my puppies:  Golden Retriever Puppies 

How much are your puppies?  My puppies are $3,000.00 + 13% tax.  Puppies are veterinary checked, receive 1st vaccine, are dewormed, microchipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) on a non-breeding contract. They come with 1 month of free pet insurance (Trupanion), information on how to take care of your puppy, a 5 generation pedigree, health tests and photos of the parents, and a lifetime of support. 

Do I get to pick my puppy?  I pick the puppies for the families. Through the application answers, interview, and puppy visits, I am assessing the families to see which puppy is most suitable. The time of assessment is between 7 and 8 wks of age. That is when I make my decision on which puppy goes where. If there are a couple of puppies that stand out to you I will take that into consideration when choosing. I tell everyone when you come to visit the pups you just have to love them all.   

The adoption process?  People contact me early hoping to get in line a year or more before a litter is even bred. I like people that plan ahead, however, I don’t like to make commitments this far in advance. Too many things can change, both in my life as well as with potential puppy people.  So if you are interested in adopting a puppy within the next 6 months please watch my Puppies page where I will announce future breeding plans. Once it is announced, I will be excepting applications, interviewing, opening a reservation list and excepting deposits.

Once it is posted, please fill in the appropriate Application (see link below) and provide me with information about yourself/family and lifestyle. This information will allow me to get a better idea of what type of puppy you are interested in. If I think one of my puppies would be suitable, I will contact you via email to set up a phone chat. If we both decide to go ahead with the adoption, I require a $400.00 non refundable deposit to be put on my reservation list, this goes towards the purchase price of the puppy. If I can not provide you with a puppy (if there are not enough puppies), I will gladly refund your deposit or you can choose to wait for my next available litter (deposits are only transferrable for up to 1 year from the time it is accepted). I reserve the right to offer full refund on any funds exchanged if I decide placement of a puppy within a specific family situation is not in the best interest of the puppy, family, or my breeding program, before puppies go home. All deposits are fully refundable in this situation. 

How does the reservation list work? In every litter I reserve the right to choose a puppy for myself. Most of my litters are bred with the intent to keep a prospect to go forward with. Often I am looking to place this puppy into a home that is willing to participate in my Breedin​g Program
For Pet Puppies - I accept applications, interview and take non refundable deposits on litters expected within 6 months and from people who have  flexibilty on the sex of their puppy.   This doesn't mean you can't have a preference on sex, I will most certainly try to accomodate if there are enough of that sex in the litter, but if there isn't you have to be flexible on the sex that is available.  Typically I take reservations for 3 males & 3 females per litter, depending on the dam or sire. If there are not enough puppies in the litter, I will refund your deposit. Or you have the option to wait until my next available litter, the choice is yours.  If there are more puppies available than reserved, I will contact people on my waiting list (not reserved) to let them know. 

How deposits work? Deposits hold you a spot on the reservation list.   Deposits are non refundable unless there are not enough puppies born in a litter, in that case you have the option for a full refund on your deposit or can choose to wait until the next available litter. If the timing is off for you, you can move the deposit to the next available litter but will be placed in accordance with the people already on that list.  Deposits are only transferrable for up to 1 year from the time it is accepted, I also have the right to return deposits if there aren't any litters planned in the forseeable future at that time.
Can we visit your puppies? Families that have placed a deposit on a puppy are able to visit the litter they have put a deposit on. I have to be very careful about dog diseases being brought into my house, as puppies' immune systems are very weak at such a young age. If you are on my reservation list, I start to schedule puppy visits at about 6 to 7 weeks of age. 

Do you stand behind your puppies?  After a puppy is placed in its new home I like to keep in touch with the owners and hear how the puppy is progressing, pictures are always welcome and enjoyed.  If there is anything you need help with I am a phone call/email away. 

What happens if I can't keep my dog?  If for some reason you aren't able to keep your puppy/dog I have what is called "First right of Refusal" in my contract.  This means that you have to contact me first to let me know you can't keep it. I have the right to take the dog back before anyone else!  If I can't take it back at that time I work with the you to find the dog a new home. I want to know where all my puppies end up!! 

What is the current availability of your litters?  Please see the Puppies’ page.  Sometimes I have older puppies or adults available for adoption or to remain as part of my breeding program, I will post this on my Home page or on my Puppies page.

Questions for you.

Is this the right time for you to get a puppy?
Puppies' first 16 weeks of life require a lot of attention. They go through different stages of development and need lots of exposure to the world to develop into great dogs.

From the time of breeding/mating till the puppy is ready to go to its new home is about 4 months total. Pregnancy lasts about 9 weeks, then puppies are raised in my home for another 8 wks. before going off to their new homes. For the following 2 months after they leave my place, puppies will need to be vaccinated, dewormed, trained, socialized etc. 

Do you have the time? The first year with a puppy is very time consuming. Can you take a puppy home when required?  Can you take holidays to look after the puppy, are you planning a vacation in that time frame or a big event that would not be good for a small puppy? Puppies cannot be boarded at a kennel facility or be around other dogs until they are fully vaccinated at around 16 weeks of age. Please ensure you have adequate time to spend with puppy, or consider waiting for another litter whose timing suits you better.

Please visit my webpage Puppy Basics for more information regarding all things puppy/dog related.

If you are interested in a Glenbern puppy or adult, please fill in the appropriate Application.

Pet Application

Breeding Program Application

*I am no longer breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs, so please do not fill out an application requesting information about Berners.