Glenbern Golden Retri​evers

breeding program

By the time I am about to breed one of my girls a lot of thought has gone into the breeding.

I start out months ahead trying to find the perfect mate. Ideally, each parent will compliment the other to achieve the best possible mix of both parents. My aim is to produce outstanding puppies in health, longevity, temperament and conformation.

Both parents of puppies will have had all their health testing done i.e. hips/elbows/eyes/heart and some breed specific genetic testing as per the recommendations of the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) guidelines.
Participating In My Breeding Program

Benefits To You

I compensate families for permitting their pup to participate in my breeding program.  Owners of females will receive the purchase price of their puppy/per litter (I request two litters), and owners of male dogs will receive $500.00/per litter.

 This is my passion and I love what I do, but as a responsible breeder I cannot keep ALL of my breeding prospects in my home. In order to do the best for the breed and the puppy, this program permits me to retain more diversity in my breeding lines, while allowing the puppy to grow up in a loving family, have one on one attention, and are in their forever homes.

 Briefly, the way the breeding program arrangement works is: you purchase the puppy, he/she is your dog. I pay for all breeding related expenses; you pay for any pet related expenses.

After 18 months of age, I will schedule an evaluation, health clearance examinations, and pay for all  breeding related tests; hips/elbows, heart and eyes and some DNA testing.  

Female Requirements:

 Your girl will be away from you for approximately 6 weeks, while she is here raising her litter. You are welcome to visit her and her puppies. As compensation for working with me, the owner is given the purchase price of their puppy back per litter. 
(I request two litters). 

As an added bonus, after she whelps, it is a perfect time for you to get away for a holiday, as she will be here being well looked after.
Meeting our girl's pu​ppies for the first time.

Male Requirements

On occasion, he will be required to come to my place for a few days, to perform his studly duties.  I compensate the owners $500.00 per litter.

 You must live within one hour from Perth to participate in this program.

If this interests you, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page and then fill in the appropriate Breeding Puppy Questionnaire.
 I am happy to discuss it with you, and answer any questions you may have. 

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