Glenbern Golden Retri‚Äčevers

available - 1 very sweet 5 month old puppy

  I am looking to place a very happy, sweet 5 month old puppy into the right home
 but have them remain as part of my breeding program (please read to see if this something you might like to be part of). 
If you are interested please visit the FAQ page
 and fill in the appropriate questionnaire at the bottom of the page.

Myths about Intact Male Dogs

I am looking to place Gus into the right foster home for the next year and a half, then he would become your dog and could be neutered after that.

I would like this boy to remain as part of my breeding program. There would be no financial compensation per litter as you would be getting him at a norminal price. You must live within an hour of Perth for this to work and be willing to drive him here when it is needed. He would be required to come to my place for about 4 days (he would stay the 4 days) a couple of times a year to perform his studly duties. 

He is a very outgoing, energetic, playful 3 yr. old male. 
 This boy has all of his health testing, he is crate trained, house trained and has some obedience.  He is a really good boy, always happy, there is not a bad day in Gus's life.  

 This boy would do best in a home where someone is around during the day and country living with a big fenced yard with some space to run around, as this is what he is used to.  He would do well in an active home with older kids - 8 & up to play with.  While he gets along with other dogs, I would prefer him to be the only animal in the household as he will chase cats.  He loves attention and people. He is very bright and very trainable.

If interested, please read the FAQ page, then fill in the questionnaire (link on the FAQ page)

Myths About Intact Male Dogs